IT Standards for Environmental, Social, and Governance Sustainability

Technology is the critical path to business sustainability, and IT leaders have a unique opportunity to transform their functions, enterprises and industries for a sustainable future. The more than 200 IT-tailored ESG standards featured below provide a cross-industry, consistent set of topics and metrics for measuring, tracking and reporting technology’s ESG impact. The presentation at right provides IT-specific impact data and models, and explains how to use the standards.

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Developed and endorsed by a diverse group of global chief information, technology, and digital officers, the SustainableIT standards are grouped into three main categories.

About the standards

Each of the standard topics and metrics below has a unique SustainableIT (SIT) code to better identify it for reference and reporting (see explanation at right). And many of the standards include hover-over notes that provide additional information. The first letter, E, S, or G represents the category. Second letters indicate a Function or Enterprise focus.

The SustainableIT Standards Taxonomy report is the official documentation for SustainableIT's ESG standards. It maintains revision history, defines key environmental terms, and provides links to references and sites.

If you have questions or feedback about the above standards, you can reach us at

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