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REDWOOD CITY, California, December 6,, a leading nonprofit organization championed by technology executives, today affirmed its commitment to advancing global sustainability through information technology innovation and leadership. This announcement comes as a strategic response to the ongoing COP28 United Nations Climate Change Conference, emphasizing the need for a stronger technology presence in sustainability dialogues and decision-making processes.

The COP28 event underscores the urgent need for a global conversation on sustainability strategy. However, it also highlights a significant gap: the limited involvement of digital, data, and information technology leaders in these critical discussions. Floor Bleeker, Group Chief Technology Officer of Accor and member of’s European Advisory Board, is one of the technology executives participating in this year's conference. Bleeker will be speaking on a panel with ServiceNow on December 7. recognizes the vital role of technology in achieving climate change goals and fulfilling ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sustainability commitments. The organization pledges to:

  1. Empower corporate technology leaders to become key players in global sustainability initiatives.
  2. Engage with the United Nations and other global entities throughout 2024 to ensure technology's voice is not only heard but also integrated into climate change and digital equity discussions and strategies.
  3. Align the SustainableIT Standards Taxonomy with the UN Global Compact and other relevant UN frameworks in the first quarter of 2024.
  4. Establish as a leading convener in the technology industry on climate and sustainability.
  5. Ensure alignment of’s strategies with the UN SDG Ambition and other frameworks.
  6. Empower technology leaders to implement CEO-level climate and sustainability strategies with decisive authority.
  7. Unify sustainability measurements with cost considerations to generate financial benefits and encourage adoption.

Josh Harbert, President of, shared the organization's vision: “The time has come for the tech industry to not just participate, but lead in the global sustainability conversation. Our community of technology executives bring the experience in driving systemic change. COP28 provides an invaluable opportunity for this community to contribute to the global good.”

Ralph Loura, Board Chair of, adds, “For nearly two decades, chief technology officers have led digital transformation, rearchitecting end-to-end business processes and platforms. We know how to drive the systemic changes necessary for sustainable operations. We are ready to apply that hard-won experience in the trenches with our sustainability peers. Let’s do this.”

About is a nonprofit organization focused on advancing global sustainability through technology leadership. Our mission is to define sustainable transformation programs by industry, author best practices and frameworks, set standards and certifications, provide education and training, and raise awareness for environmental and societal programs that make our organizations and the world sustainable for generations to come.

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